Join the team!

The project is looking for volunteers with access to Microsoft Windows for testing from source or from cross-compiled binaries.

Libporty comes with regression tests, does not have external dependencies and does not need to be installed on the system for testing. This means vanilla system installation is enough for testing and the process will not change anything on the system (no files installed outside of the directory where the test zip is unpacked, no registry changes, no desktop icons or menus, etc.) Libporty aims to support the NT kernel - any windows version that has an NT kernel (old NTs and versions from Windows 2000).

Testers do not need to be programmers; being a programmer helps libporty developers to shorten the test-fix-retest cycles, but just running the test cases and reporting the output is already a great help.

For more info or signing up, please send an email to libporty (at)