Libendstr is a minimalistic string library that provides some of the standard C string functions with a slightly modified API. The new API is designed to make building a string by a sequence of appends both efficient and readable.


The user code has: API conventions:

call summary

call is safe? is atomic? is cstring?
end_strcpy no no yes
end_strncpy yes no yes
end_sprintf no no yes
end_snprintf yes no yes
end_memcpy no no no
end_memncpy yes no no
end_memset no no no
end_memnset yes no no
end_memacpy yes yes no
end_memaset yes yes no
end_strend no n/a (read-only function)
end_strnend yes n/a (read-only function)

Compatibility aliases:
call is safe? is atomic? is cstring?
end_stpcpy no no yes
end_stnpcpy yes no yes
end_stpcat no no yes
end_stnpcat yes no yes

call details

Please read endstr.h

download & contact

svn checkout svn://

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