Using the IDE Help System

The Contents Tab

The Contents tab contains the three folders MenuBar, Interactive States and Windows. In the Menu Bar folder you find help about the entries in the Pull Down Menus. The folder Interactive States contains help for the possible states of the program in interactive action. In the folder Windows you can get help about the contents of the additional windows of the IDE.

Getting Help for IDE Windows and Interactive States

After selecting Help Context in the help menu a question mark appears on the right side of the cursor. In this state push the left button in the graphics area of the main window to open a help topic that is specific to the task you are currrently doing or in an additional window to get help about the contents of that specific window. In the offline version you can use the F1-key as a shortcut for Help Context.

Searching the Online Help

To perform a full-text search of all IDE help topics, click the Search tab and type a keyword in the Find text box.

Using the Index

Click any entry in the Index tab to view the topic. To search the index, enter a term in the search field and press Enter. Press Enter multiple times to cycle through all occurrences of the term in the index.