About EDAkrill

Eda krill is a collection of smallish, user contributed EDA resources presented in a tool-neutral format. The content hosted is all user contributed. Any resource is manually checked by the site admin before the upload, so that resources are

  • not dangerous/harmful
  • legal (clean, free license)
  • accompanied by rich metadata

The site does automatic format conversions in the background and resources are packed in tarballs in various file formats to be available for as many EDA software as poissible. The site provides search by regular expression or exact text match on metadata and an API for programmers so that these resources can easily be integrated in EDA tools.

Edakrill is currently hosting:

  • printed circuit board footprints (static and parametric; tEDAx, pcb-rnd, geda/PCB, kicad)
  • pcb-rnd fonts
  • geda/PCB fonts
  • schematic symbols
  • scripts that can generate any of the above files
  • DRC scripts
  • embedded user scripts for EDA software

Contact: chat or email to: edakrill [at] igor2 [dot] repo.hu



How to download?

  • Web: use the search options from the menu, then download a tarball
  • subversion: svn checkout svn://repo.hu/edakrill/trunk/user

How to upload?

Sign up and use the upload link or send the files in email to eda_krill (_AT_) igor2.repo.hu

Experienced contributors get direct svn write access.

What to upload?

Anything that:
  • you have made yourself
  • or converted from a source with acceptable license (source attribution is a must)
  • you want to share with the community under a free license
  • is related to EDA

What format should I use?

For now, the data file should be in a format pcb-rnd or gschem understands. You shall include some metadata in form of .krill files.

What about my privacy?

See our privacy policy.

Is the service/server/repository up?

Please check out the mirror status page.

RiNgDove is an EDA suite that includes:

a PCB editor: pcb-rnd

a CAM viewer: camv-rnd

a software lib: librnd

or all in one: suite


user contributed addons: edakrill


The site is in beta test mode. Some features are still disabled.
Text (regex) search added.
Mirror status page added.
Support for embedded user scripts added.
Support for DRC scripts added.