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[sch-rnd logo]sch-rnd
is a simple, modular, scriptable schematics editor.

can be used as a stand-alone schematics capture tool

but also fits nicely in the Ringdove EDA suite

is workflow-agnostic

is set up in a similar manner as pcb-rnd

is easy and fast to compile, edit and contribute to

supports many file formats

[cschem] cschem
is the name of the data model that sch-rnd implements.

cschem specification is kept generic so that other, independent implementations could be based on it.

Version Control svn://   (mirrors)
Download source releases | binary releases (windows)
Comments, feedback, patches live chat with the developer
or contact the lead developer
Mailing list: pcb-rnd (send a mail with subject: subscribe; does not work with gmail) (archives) (privacy policy)
Contribution and support How to join or contribute
Please test and report bugs and feature requests!
We are looking for help and sponsoration/donation.

A major supporter is NLnet

Key features schematics capture for multisheet designs
scriptable in 10+ different scripting languages
parametric symbols generation
hierarchic design (since 1.0.5)
modular code with a flexible plugin system
fits well in a UNIXy workflow
supports CLI and server applications
active development, frequent releases
friendly and efficient developer and user community
multiple workflows from the same sheet without modification (e.g. PCB and spice)
circuit simulation: low level (raw SPICE); high level (integrated GUI with plots, based on ngspice)
predictable development cycles
also loads gEDA/gschem, lepton-eda, tinyCAD, altium, OrCAD, EasyEDA files
Supported platforms
Linux desktop (various distributions, from source)
official packages in Debian, Ubuntu, Mageia, PureOS, Raspbian (full list)
OpenBSD (Likely: any BSD not older than 25 years)
(Likely: any 90's or newer UNIX system with motif)
Screen resolution as small as 800x600
GUI options: motif/lesstif, gtk-gdk, gtk-gl
screenshot of sch-rnd running on Devuan GNU/Linux

What is -rnd?

RiNgDove is an EDA suite that includes:

a PCB editor: pcb-rnd

a PCB autorouter: route-rnd

a CAM viewer: camv-rnd

a software lib: librnd

or all in one: suite


user contributed addons: edakrill