c0c rationale


Your views include your religion, your gender, sexual orientation, what you do or do not eat, what you think about your body, age, race, cultural, historical background.

We accept and respect these, in the sense that we do not force you to speak (nor not to speak) about them in certain ways. In return, we require you to accept that others in the community will have different views and will talk differently about those topics.

Do not get offended

If you are easily offended by specific use of pronouns or by other people talking about their views (especially when their views do not match yours), please do not join this community.

You do not have to agree with anybody else's views or way of expression, but you can not require them to express themselves differently just because of your mismatching views. Yes, this means the project is not politically correct.

If you decide to join and see others speaking in ways you dislike, just ignore them.


We base project-related decisions on facts and technical aspects. We do not base any decision on views. We do not do anything for diversity or religious or political reasons. We do not censor words or terms, we do not rename APIs only because they may offend somebody.

Content and manner

Content is more important than style or manners. Especially in communication: the post of a contributor shall be judged by its content not by its style/manners.

English is not the first language of many contributors. Different people have different temper. We do not advocate being rude, but even rude posts may contain useful, valuable content. Similarly, a post written in the best manner may contain false information or even lies, which should not be tolerated. Facts matter, style does not.

Who vs. what

Your contribution, your opinions, your ideas are constantly judged by other members of the community. What you say should be judged by its content, not by who you are. Having 3 degrees, having a PhD, having 30 years of professional experience under your belt may help you providing high-quality contribution, but does not automatically guarantee your contribution is perfect or that you are right. The same way, a young hobbyist with no education on the field can produce useful contribution. We judge it by the content, not by who submits it.

The project is about its content, not about the social network around it. Your contribution is judged by its content; being a friend of a contributor with high reputation doesn't affect your own reputation.

This, unfortunately, also includes that your past contribution may not affect your current reputation. It may be that you were a major contributor 5 years ago, and we thank you for that, but this doesn't necessarily buy your opinion any extra privileges.