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Date:Mon, 24 Jul 2017 05:45:45 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] minor change in saving .lht board files, lihata v3
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Hi pcb-rnd users!
Minor change
I started to write the plugin for the lihata board format almost a year 
ago. It's a whole new file format and a slightly different concept on how 
we save to a file. A lot of room for bugs. I wanted to make sure no user 
would have any data loss, so I implemented a feature that always saved a 
.pcb copy of the board before saving the .lht.
Over the past year three related things happened.
The lihata board format became much more capable than .pcb and became our 
native file format. Saving a backup now in .pcb does not make too much 
sense as it potentially leads to data loss.
On the other hand I did not get reports of the lihata save code crashing, 
not even the complicated code that tries to preserve original formatting, 
so the .pcb backup did not get too much use.
Finally, I got a bugreport from Ade about composite layers ruined after a 
while. It traced back to the auto save: saving in the .pcb format has 
no choice but degrade the board, which then affected the lihata version as 
So I decided to remove the emergency .pcb save from io_lihata. Now it 
saves only in the lihata format.
Lihata board v3 news
Our current policy is to save boards in the lihata board v2 format. If you 
want to use the new subcircuit features, you need to manually save your 
board in lihata baord v3. For the upcoming release I keep v2 default.
Rationale: in the next development cycle I am going to add terminals in 
subcircuit, making them capable of replacing elements. This will require 
me to introduce lihata board v4. I don't think too many boards will use 
subcircuits before that, so it's better if the v3 format doesn't spread 
too much and is used only when it is necessary.
(Note: when I introduce v4, we will still support loading and saving all 
previous formats: v1, v2, v3)
Best regards,

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