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Date:Sat, 16 Sep 2023 16:11:59 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] project state update
Hi all,
1. financing: nlnet agreed to extend the ongoing support for two more 
subprojects where we can also involve contributors from the new budget; 
for details, see below. Thanks for nlnet to making all these subprojects 
2. sch-rnd: new nlnet sponsored subproject, mostly developed by Aron: 
orcad schematic import (from orcad's proprietary binary file format)
3. pcb-rnd: new nlnet sponsored subproject, mostly developer by Majenko: a 
series of tutorial videos for pcb-rnd, similar to the one we did for 
sch-rnd; the reasons for a new tutorial video set for pcb-rnd are:
- the current one, contributed by CuVoodoo, is very nice, but dates back 
to before sch-rnd went into production; as a suite we should promote the 
sch-rnd -> pcb-rnd -> camv-rnd workflow instead of promoting gschem or 
lepton. I'll also keep the current tutorial videos as alternatives, tho.
- the original getting started video is a slightly edited version of a 
mostly improvised live session. While that approach has its good sides, 
the video is not as organized as the sch-rnd getting started video. 
Especially for such a long, "watch this first" video I think having a 
scripted, more tightly executed and cut video would be more efficient. 
After all, many potential users will decide whether they like the software 
or not while watching this video.
4. upcoming librnd release
I've fixed a few bugs in librnd and we are ready for our upcoming release 
on 27th sep. Librnd is release candidate now and is entering code freeze 
(only critical bugs will be fixed until the release).
Best regards,

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