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Date:Mon, 11 Sep 2023 05:04:18 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] new: sch-rnd: polyedit
Hi all,
in svn HEAD you can grab and move a corner of a polygon (e.g. a rectangle) 
using the arrow tool. It generally behaves the same as in pcb-rnd. 
If you press ctrl while moving, the angle of the adjacent two line edges 
are preserved (just like in pcb-rnd). This is how you can easily resize 
"rectangles" (but the code is generic so works on any angled edges).
Polygon edit tool: new tool in the toolbar (last on to the right). It's 
the same as if you grabbed a polygon corner using the arrow tool, except 
the arrow tool does a lot of things and in case there are multiple objects 
in the same point it will pick one of them. The polygon edit tool will 
always pick the polygon corner point.
Limitation: this works only on polygons with linear edges; sch-rnd does 
suport arc-in-poly, and the polygon edit tool does not yet handle that.
Ade, please test and ACK.
Best regards,

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