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Date:Mon, 27 Mar 2023 06:16:33 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:Re: [pcb-rnd] new: sch-rnd tutorial videos on exporting projects
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On Sat, 25 Mar 2023, Nicklas SB Karlsson wrote:
>lör 2023-03-25 klockan 11:36 +0100 skrev
>> Hi all,
>> a big improvement in sch-rnd lately is handling _optional_ project
>> files. 
>> We already have some docs on that topic and there will be tutorial
>> videos 
>> too. For now, if you just want to take a look at a practical example,
>> our 
>> new tutorial video on exporting projects (multiple sheets) shows how
>> this 
>> works with explicit project file and without project file ("the
>> gschem 
>> way").
>> You can find the tutorials at
>> look for the export section and for project export.
>Not yet tested sch-rnd got compile error then tried a few days ago but
>look great on pictures in videos.
>In addition to schematics for circuit boards also have three schematics
>for electrical control cabinets. They essentially schematics with
>cables in between circuit boards. It is not very important but seems it
>work also for them.
Yes, that should work with sch-rnd.
>For control cabinets netnames usually use numbers and guess that should
>not be a problem. Also added extra attribute for cable color and number
>as sometimes cables have colors other times they have number and that
>also seems OK since adding attributes is possible. 
Yes, you can have custom attributes and get them printed as floaters. That 
part is simple.
It's a bit tricky (because not a common need), but you can also change the 
color and line thickness of wires on the drawing.
>In gschem/lepton I
>sometimes linked to schematic for circuit, it a nice possibility but
>not important and usually schematic for components is not available
I guess you mean hierarchic design. That's not yet implemented in sch-rnd 
but is scheduled for development as part of the current nlnet sponsored 
period. So we will have hierarchic later this year or latest early next 
(Meanwhile: received your video card, thank you!)
Best regards,

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