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Date:Wed, 16 Nov 2022 10:29:44 +0100 (CET)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] project state update: librnd4 switchover started
Hi all,
I am starting the librnd switchover today. I will try to keep everything 
working all the time, but I can't guarantee anything. This is probably the 
largest scheduled disruption in our normal "generally safe to use from 
SVN" workflow in the history of pcb-rnd and Ringdove.
If you are using Ringdove apps from SVN, the only difference is that you 
will always need to svn up and install your librnd before you svn up and 
compile other apps. There will be several changes every day, so any 
previos checkout is old, by definition. Using/testing SVN version is 
always welcome as it can catch bugs early. I will make announcements as 
the switchover progresses and there would be a point in time when I will 
ask everyone to use the SVN versions for production.
If you are not using Ringdove for SVN, I recommend upgrading to the latest 
released versions and keep using that until the librnd4 switchover is 
done. You can report bugs during the switchover, but those bugs will most 
likely be added to the TODO and delayed until after the switchover is 
Since the v4 switchover is a major, API breaking change, current and past 
released versions of pcb-rnd, sch-rnd and camv-rnd will not work with 
librnd4, and SVN versions of the apps won't work with librnd 3.x.x.
I expect the switchover to finish in about 2 months so we'd have another 
mass-release of Ringdove early next year. No fixed date yet.
Best regards,

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