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Date:Thu, 10 Nov 2022 15:05:41 +0100 (CET)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] new: miniboxtk: 0.1.2
replies: 5875 from Derek <>
Hi all,
I've just release miniboxtk 0.1.1. You shouldn't use it in real 
applications yet, but if you plan to, you could test it already. It 
supports sdl2, xlib and glfw. 
Project page:
svn: svn://
(Once when this project reaches usable level, this would be our next set 
of HIDs for librnd/pcb-rnd/sch-rnd/camv-rnd. HIDs that are much smaller, 
simpler and less needy on the dependency side.)
There's been a lot of improvements on the widget side. There are only 2 
widgets missing and the menu system widgets need some bugfixes and then 
miniboxtk is ready for librnd HID.
Release notes:
miniboxtk 0.1.2 - pre-alpha release
New features:
 - make install
 - widgets:
   - arrow
   - pane (and pane_sep)
   - tbl (tabular layout widget)
   - menu better stdrow support
   - scrolled: scrolled subwindow
   - scrolled_wb: scrolled window With scrollBars
   - textedit (built on textline)
Best regards,

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