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Date:Wed, 9 Nov 2022 05:12:19 +0100 (CET)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] new: sch-rnd release: 0.9.3
Hi all,
the next beta test release of sch-rnd is available for download.
Release tarballs:
Project page:
Version control: svn://  
sch-rnd is going on a hiatus now for the librnd4 switchover: the new 
development cycle, ending early next year, is about that, and normal 
feature developemnt and bugfixes are postponed until I complete that 
However, 0.9.3 is rather usable (I've seen a flat multipage PCB project of 
some 8 sheets done with it in production!). So if you are interested in 
sch-rnd, planning to switch to it long term, 0.9.3 is a good version to 
have because the svn version will be somewhat harder to use during the 
librnd4 siwtchover.
Release notes for 0.9.3:
Release notes for sch-rnd 0.9.3 (beta)
This beta-test release focuses on bugfixes
Feature highlight (bugfixes are listed in the Changelog):
1. ReplaceSymbol() action; shift-click symbol replacement from buffer
2. make test
*** This is a beta test release, not stable yet! ***
Best regards,

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