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Date:Wed, 2 Nov 2022 04:11:42 +0100 (CET)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] release: pcb-rnd 3.0.6 is available
Hi all,
I've just released pcb-rnd 3.0.6 with a many new features and a lot of 
bugfixes. This is the last release before the librnd4 switchover.
pcb-rnd roadmap:
- librnd 4.0.0 switchover; normal feature development and bugfixing paused 
for this development cycle
- next release: early February
- after that a normal development cycle to catch up with feature requests 
and bugfixes
Release notes:
pcb-rnd 3.0.6
This release introduces a major font engine refactoring (for reuse in other
Ringdove apps) and minor bugfixes (see the Changelog for details).
Feature highlights are:
1. plugin for importing netlist/schematics from sch-rnd
2. refactored font engine (reused in sch-rnd)
3. new font edit actions: FontXform(), FontSetXdelta(), FontNormalize()
4. switched over some exporters (png, svg, ps, lpr) to use librnd's
   implementation instead of the local; pcb-rnd now depends on
   librnd >= 3.2.0
5. plugin for ordering PCB fabbing directly from pcb-rnd; can remember
   settings in board attributes
6. PadstackReplace() action and menu item: mass-replaces the padstack
   prototype or selected padstacks, even within subcircuits
7. named all HPANE/VPANE widgets; from now on saving and restoring window
   geometry will also save/restore pane proportions
8. change in default file naming conventions: *.rp for boards, *.rf for
   footprints; old filenames also work, users are free to choose whatever
   name for new files despite of the new conventions.
9. new exporter: export_debug writes easy-to-process, computer-readable,
   line-oriented plain text
10. menu for saving first padstack from buffer; this makes padstack
    construction fully consistent with subcircuit construction
Best regards,

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