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Date:Wed, 27 Jul 2022 08:18:49 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] pcb-rnd export code cleanup
Hi all,
I've just finished a major code cleanup (code removal) in pcb-rnd. If you 
can, please help me testing these with svn HEAD.
1. What's affected
 - eps export (in export_ps)
 - ps export (in export_ps)
 - export_png
 - export_svg
 - export_lpr
 - export dialog code
 - print dialog dialog
Hopefully the code changes did not cause any functional change. If you 
detect any of these work differently thanin pcb-rnd 3.0.5, please report!
2. Why's all the change
TL;DR: export code got generalized and moved out from pcb-rnd so it can be 
reused in sch-rnd (and camv-rnd and any future librnd using CAD program).
The current chane is the final step of a long change set:
 - I first took the low level code of the above functionality and split it 
out into separate files within pcb-rnd
 - then I copied them out to librnd
 - then I was able to get sch-rnd to use the same code from librnd
 - ... but I couldn't yet bump pcb-rnd's dependency to the new librnd that 
already has the code, so I also kept the code in pcb-rnd
 - ... until now: pcb-rnd svn HEAD depends on librnd 3.2.0 which already 
has the code

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