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Date:Thu, 14 Jul 2022 06:30:50 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] file(1) support for our formats (was: file name policy change proposal)
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On Sun, 10 Jul 2022, wrote:
>Unfortunately the program file just calls theese files
>for ascii text.
>So one way around this it to update your magicfile (mine is 
Last time I checked, file(1) had a centralized database option only, which 
is sad. It means we can't get a distro package simply extend the database 
by installing a few "format plugin" patterns in file's config dir.
We have a magic pattern for file(1) in trunk/doc/resources. (It's a bit 
tricky: for example there's no guarantee the root node is the first line 
or starts at the beginning of a line.) On Debian (and probably many other 
distros) it's enough to append the content of this file to /etc/magic. So 
if you need it quick and local, it's rather easy to do already.
If anyone is interested in doing the administration (registering wherever 
they need to, submitting the magic, communicating with the authors if 
necessary, etc) to get it included in the official central thing, I can 
revise and extend our magic file to ringdove, adding all our other file 
file types we have (for sch-rnd, camv-rnd, plus the tEDAx formats).
The other popular infra is MIME, maintained by IANA. See
Same applies here: if anyone steps up to do the administration, I am happy 
to figure what input needs to be provided from the project side.
Best regards,

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