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Date:Thu, 14 Jul 2022 06:10:43 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] RESULT: poll on file naming
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Hi all,
TL;DR: the winner is C:
rp/rs; symbols could be ry, footprints rf. So two chars only, r for
ringdove, then one for the purpose. If it's non-natural, "unreadable"
anyway, why not make it also short?
1. Overview
We had 10 votes, all of them according to the expected syntax 
(thanks!). The votes and scripts used for processing them can be found at:
2. Scoreboard
Here's the final score board (generated by
61 C
47 A
44 F
26 B
15 D
5 G
2 E
which means C is the clear winner, 2nd and 3rd bests are far behind.
3. Per preference table
As generated by
#1 1 A
#1 2 B
#1 3 F
#1 4 C
#2 1 C
#2 1 D
#2 1 F
#2 1 G
#2 6 A
#3 1 E
#3 2 A
#3 2 C
#3 5 D
#1, #2 and #3 are preference slots, second column is "number of votes in 
that slot" for the 3rd column. So C also won by "named most often for 
first preference".
(Second most preferred was A and third D)
4. Per choice per preference slot table
As generated using
A 1 6 2
B 2 0 0
C 4 1 2
D 0 1 5
E 0 0 1
F 3 1 0
G 0 1 0
5. The non-preferences
E got only one vote, on 3rd preference and G got only one on 2nd 
B got 2 votes, but both were first-choice preferences! Which means B was 
the one that some of you really really liked but everyone else hated.
Our winner, C, got 1 second and 2 third choices, which means even those 
who didn't find it the best choice could accept it. Total vote for C on 
any preference-slot is 7. (A got 9 on this chart, but mostly as fallback, 
second-preference, that's how it ended up on the second place only.)
6. conclusion
I am going to apply the necessary changes for the new file name 
conventions starting from after the next pcb-rnd release. This means we 
start to see the results in code and doc from late summer.
Best regards,

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