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Date:Fri, 24 Jun 2022 07:20:19 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] camv-rnd 1.0.3 released!
Hi all,
I've just released camv-rnd version 1.0.3. It's mainly a bugfix release 
with a few minor improvements.
Project page:
VCS: svn://
Release notes:
camv-rnd 1.0.3
Minor feature and bugfix release.
Feature highlight:
 - new About dialog with more details
 - layer right click context menu can change layer short name and color
 - actions for scripted query and change of layer metadata
 - excellon more robust digit parser (leading/trailig zeros, negative coords)
Known bug: librnd before 3.1.1 had a pixmap rendering bug that would make
measurement text appear mirrored. Please use librnd 3.1.1 or newer.
Best regards,

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