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Date:Sat, 18 Jun 2022 19:21:16 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:Re: [pcb-rnd] RFC: project file considerations
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> I am interested in comments on details of these specific documents.
Under "SDNP: Single design, no project concept", it says:
"The software is able to load and edit only one design at a time."
There is different grades of that.
 e.g. pcb, it just handles one design at time, but you may
 independantly run multiple instances of it with other designs
 e.g. kicad, it actively enforces just one process instance at any time,
 I guess they do that with file locking, since you can get around it
 by using a different $HOME.
 I guess some commersial programs restricts the use more, but I have
 no data here.
That is a file format limitation, there is no way gschem/lepton can
handle this unless the file format is changed. That is a major pain
in the ass thing.
under "Assumptions and generic problems"
"In fact this happens in gschem too, it's just a bit hidden there:
 if you don't want to break your multi-sheet design, you always need
 to pass all sheet files to gnetlist. Running gnetlist on less sheets
 or on just one sheet will yield the wrong netlist."
This is not true, I have been using hiearchical designs for years
and only needed to specify the top file.
"Since gnetlist doesn't handle project files, it's you, the user,
 who has to remember (or write a script) to pass all sheets."
In a hierarchical design, the top sch file is the "project file",
though you have to specify in gafrc (e.g.) where to find the other
files. And yes, I complained about the lack of distinction between
files with the same basename in the directory lists. So as a
project file it is flawed or incomplete.
Generally, in gschem/lepton, since it doesn't really have any project
file, the project are defined according user whims.
 In my case, a directory is a project and the makefile takes care
about the "missing" project file, which is perfectly fine to me.
Also, regarding "projects", there is metrics and procedures on how
to share projects with other people. You (Igor2) have mentioned it
earlier, but it might make sense to somehow include that into
the "project" nodes somewhere.
/Karl Hammar

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