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Date:Wed, 15 Jun 2022 16:24:55 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:Re: [pcb-rnd] camv-rnd bug report: centering
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On Wed, 15 Jun 2022, wrote:
>nice that it's on the map and will be fixed. I'll wait :)
>note: this centering issue also prevents you from zooming onto the board since this will get outside the drawing zone (which gets reduced upon zoom).
Yes, all because the HID is trying to force you to return to you drawing 
area starting at 0;0. Since _all_ your data is on negative coords, your 
drawing area is 0*0 nm big...
There are two things making this tricky:
1. The whole drawing area is a pretty bad idea and should be removed: 
unlike kicad or an office software, we are not drawing things on an A/4 
page for printing. It's especially bad on pcb-rnd side, where the final 
outpout is always copper and it's hard to reason why we need to 
artificially limit where and how you draw. 
2. So my long term plan is to remove this drawing area idea and just let 
the user draw wherever, in whatever size. This will be trivial in camv-rnd 
and sch-rnd, but yields a problem in pcb-rnd. Old PCB in the 90s 
used the drawing area as board outline. You couldn't draw an 
explicit board outline, so you were forced to produce rectangular 
boards and specify the dimensions. Later geda/pcb made a (rather 
poorly implemented) editable outline layer option, but also kept 
the rectangular board extents concept for boards where you don't 
draw the outline, for backward compatibility. In pcb-rnd I renamed it 
"drawing area" because with cheap fabs more and more designs do use 
explicit outline, to get rounded corners or even some cutouts. But I sill 
need to keep backward compatibility, so if no explicit boundary given, I 
need to fall back using the drawing area assuming a rectangular board.
So in librnd4.0.0, I will do something with this so that old boards in 
pcb-rnd still load, but at a minimum sch-rnd and camv-rnd can work on 
unlimited "drawing area". If I get lucky I will figure how to add the 
unlimited drawing option to pcb-rnd as well.
Until that negative coords and zero-sized drawing areas will work only 
partially in all ringdove apps.
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