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Date:Wed, 8 Jun 2022 04:55:07 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] sch-rnd 0.8.2-alpha
Hi all,
sch-rnd (cschem) is getting constant, daily development ever since 
January. I've just released the next alpha. It's still not usable in 
production but shows the progress since last month. Progress is according 
to the plan, we are reaching the first beta release this year.
(The purpose of the alpha releases is to provide snapshot tarballs for 
those who are not following development closely but are willing to try the 
software from time to time).
As we are in alpha state, there are a few unusual things yet:
- you need to install librnd from svn, sch-rnd requires latest 
develompent librnd, last stable release is too old
- make sure you configure your font path to point to a directory tree that 
has ttf fonts in it (the conf node is: rc/font_dirs)
- only tutorial/doc available for using the GUI is the series of test 
requests that explains every feature:
Release notes:
Release notes for sch-rnd (cschem) 0.8.2 alpha3
This release features major new features: multi-sheet editing, local lib 
Feature highlight:
 - group ref "child xform" concept
 - support for multi-sheet editing
 - support for local lib (optional for symbol lib, mandatory for devmap)
 - the design config subtree is saved in sheet files
 - window title is set
 - attributes with key starting with dash are not propagated
 - GUI improvements on attribute history traceback
*** This is an alpha release, not meant for production! ***
Best regards,

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