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From:Philipp Klaus Krause <>
Date:Fri, 19 Nov 2021 11:05:22 +0100
Subject:Re: [pcb-rnd] resize grip widget removal (was: poll: how do you
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Am 14.11.21 um 09:48 schrieb
> Hi all,
> in the last poll thread I asked about how you resize pcb-rnd top window. 
> Many of our power users replied so I think we have a rather nice, probably 
> representative input on this.
> I intentionally made the question vague to remove the bias for "do not 
> remove any feature, even if I don't use it, who knows, maybe I will".
> And this feature is the "resize grip widget". It is present only in the 
> gtk2 HID. It's a few slanted lines on the bottom right corner of the 
> window. You could use it to resize or move the window, but according to 
> the poll it's not a popular way over other, per window manager standard 
> methods.
> This is important because during the gtk4 effort I found it would be 
> tricky to port this feature to gtk4.
> So my plan is: we will not have it in gtk4 at all. Then some random time I 
> will also remove it from gtk2 because it's bad practice to have a GUI 
> feature that is not native to the given toolkit and is present only in one 
> HID but not the others.
While, oike others, I don't consciously use that resize widget, I might
actually be using it without knowing: I resize by clicking and dragging
the lower right corner of the window. That widget being there makes it
easier to "hit the corner". But many other programs don't have it
anyway, so users that resize by dragging the corner have been trained to
be careful to hit the corner, so I don't think it going away will be a
big issue.

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