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Date:Thu, 8 Apr 2021 15:03:59 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] new: padstack prototype copy & paste (+ mini howto on padstack lib)
Hi all,
this cycle the other major cleanup I am attempting to do is replacing the 
old "hole dia, ring dia" via description in the route style with padstack 
prototype. This is a long planned feature and it will allow us to define 
different routing style for via with exposed copper or solder mark covered 
copper, via with smaller ring or on internal layers, etc.
This will work well only if our padstack library support is strong:
- we already have a nice generator so generating a simple, plain old round 
via is not much more clicks than with the route style dialog's two 
diameters (check out the 3rd tab of the padstack editor!)
- we already can save and load padstack prototypes to file, so you can 
keep a library on disk
- NEW: we can now copy and paste padstack prototypes using the system 
How to try: 
1. Make sure you use pcb-rnd from svn, at least r34332
2. Open a board
3.a. Menu: edit/board padstack prototypes -> this gets you a list of 
padstack prototypes you have directly on board (normally your vias)
3.b. You can usually get a more interesting selection of padstacks by 
looking at the prototypes of a subcircuit: right click over an empty part 
of the subcircuit, then in the popup context menu: edit padstack 
prototypes. You will get to a similar list but with the padstack 
prototypes of the given subcircuit.
4. Select one of the padstack IDs -> you will get a preview on the right
5. Push the "Copy" button
6. Close the dialog, open another one (see 3.a. or 3.b.), or even close 
pcb-rnd, start a new instance and then open the dialog there.
7.a. Select one of the IDs; this means you select one of your existing 
padstack prototypes and you are going to overwrite its geometry from the 
7.b. If you want to add a new prototype (in your subcircuit's prototype 
list or in your board's prototype list) click "New..."; it will pop up the 
padstack editor with the generator tab open, just "Close" it so you end up 
with an empty padstack prototype. It is selected in the padstacks window 
where you get back to.
8. Click on the "Paste" button - this will overwrite the geometry of the 
currently selected padstack prototype from the clipboard.
9.a. If you did step 8 on a prototype that was already used (referenceed 
by a padstack object) in your subcircuit or on your board, you will 
instantly see the shape updating on the board
9.b. If you pasted it into a new prototype, that new proto currently has 
zero users as no padstack objects refers it. (You can see that if you 
click on the "count uses" button). It is easy to get it used: close this 
dialog, hover the mouse over a padstack (in board context, or within the 
same subcircuit, depending on where you pasted the proto), right click -> 
you get a context popup, select "edit geometry/prototye" -> the padstack 
editor pops up; click on the prototype button (has some numbers on it, 
like "#1:0 ()") -> this pops up the padstack lib dialog where you can 
select which prototype this one padstack instance should use; find your 
new padstack proto ID (or create a new one and paste then select it) and 
click on the "use selected" button (bottom right). This will close the 
padstack lib dialog, and you see the prototype ID changes in the padstack 
editor and the padstack shape on the board is updated.
Best regards,

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