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Date:Wed, 7 Apr 2021 05:33:04 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] pcb-rnd 2.3.2 is available
Hi all,
our new release, as scheduled: 2.3.2. You can get it as a tarball at the 
usual place in the project page:
Note: running from source has changed a bit, please read INSTALL section 3 
for more info.
We are now switching to a new development cycle, starting with cleanup 
phase so please expect some instability in svn HEAD for a few days. I plan 
to have a shorter cycle now, to do some non-librnd-separation-related 
cleanups before I can do the final step of the separation in a subsequent 
Release notes:
pcb-rnd 2.3.2
This is mainly a bugfix release with secondary objective of going further
in librnd separation: librnd is now linked with -l. NOTE: this changes how
pcb-rnd is executed from the source tree, see file INSTALL, step 3. Because
of the longer development cycle, there are still a few new features.
Feature highlight:
1. Anyload files to ease sharing and importing user scripts, menu patches,
   drc rules, vendor drill, custom configuration and other pcb-rnd addons.
2. Lihata board save as: denoise option that omits select/warn/found flags
   and rat line objects from the save to reduce VCS noise.
3. Per layer transformations option: per layer wireframe render option on
   the GUI (right click context menu in the layer selector).
4. The propedit dialog has in-line help about which property means what
   (top right region of the dialog box).
5. Rewritten rendering code to get layer order from a configurable, domain
   specific render script instead of hardwired C.
6. Teardrop extended object.
Best regards,

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