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Date:Wed, 31 Mar 2021 17:40:41 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] the svg viewer problem - and a solution
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Hi all,
as you may see on mailing list traffic and svn traffic, the past few 
months I was real busy with route-rnd which left pcb-rnd going slowly. But 
that's okay, it's as planned - pcb-rnd after the big data model rewrite is 
not getting more stable with a bit less changes per release.
Meanwhile, in route-rnd my code emits svg debug images, because I need to 
draw with lines and arcs with round cap stroke at different widths and 
TL;DR: new svg viewer:
One would think by 2021 someone wrote an usable svg viewer, but no luck... 
I only needed three things in a simple CLI free software:  zoom, pan and 
quick reload. And all viewiers I ever tried failed at least one, but often 
two of these.
So after struggling a lot with half-working solitions, I finally sat down 
and forked one of the viewers and fixed it up. I started with inkview, but 
that looked hopeless. Then I switched to rsvg's mini viewer, which was 
more suitable. 
Now I have a fork of an a few years old, pre-rust rsvg which has a 
minimal viewer that can zoom, pan and reload. Unfortunately it's not an 
-rnd project:
- rsvg is huge
- dependencies are extensive
- it's based on autotools so no portability (it really even fails to 
configure and compile cleanly on a clean Debian, lol)
- it uses gtk3; we tried it on a few different systems, and each had a 
small difference in gtk3 patch level version (last number) so we 
experienced a different set of bugs on each system. Unfortunately the 
whole rsvg lib is bundled with gtk so it's not really possible to just 
drop gtk3 and use a toolkit that just works.
Best regards,

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