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Date:Sun, 7 Feb 2021 05:48:52 +0100 (CET)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] new: anyload (and vendor drill news and plans)
Hi all,
the new feature that is going to solve the design issue I've found in 
vendor drill is called anyload.
The issue was that the vendor drill plugin was not dealing with drill 
diameters only but was trying to also set some DRC config (e.g. trace 
widths and clearances). This shed light to a more generic problem: we did 
not have a mechanism that lets users specify configuration, settings, 
scripts for multiple different plugins in a single, easy to load bundle. 
In the same time, any complex worflow (e.g. preparing a board for a 
specific fab) will have aspects reaching multiple plugins.
The generic solution is our anyload infrastructure that is relatively 
small and lives in librnd (so it will work the same for any ringdove app). 
There are three things anyload can do for you:
A. "format autodetect": it can load a lihata file, e.g. vendor drill map, 
pcb-rnd config subtree, a drc script saved in lihata; it does that 
selecting the right plugin for the load so you don't need to remember 
where the plugin has its own load feature or which plugin/dialogbox/menu 
your file is for. This is especially useful in case of addons 
downloaded from edakrill (I've upgraded drc scripts and user scripts to 
have anyload.lht in the pack).
B. "bundle multiple loads": as the vendor drill example showed, there are 
cases when files/settings/setup for a given workflow requires poking 
multiple plugins. We can do that in a reliable way now, using an anyload 
lihata file that can be saved and shared. 
C. "persistency/install": you can import an anyload file using the 
file/import/anyload menu. That is useful for one-time operations, like 
applying a vendor drill and importing drc for the checks on a finished 
board. In other cases you want the feature to be persistent, i.e. loaded 
every time you start up pcb-rnd. Anyload provides a simple, user-level 
solution to that. I expect less experienced users will prefer installing 
an anyload bundle instead of installing the files/settings manually.
For more information, please refere to:
What we support so far:
- pcb-rnd config files (includes CAM jobs as they are config nodes)
- DRC scripts
- menu patches
- user scripts
- vendor drill configs
It is easy to extend the system so if you bump into anything that falls in 
category "A" or "B" above and is a setting/config/state-like thing, please 
let me know! 
(Note: drawing objects like footprints are not state-like so they don't 
fit in this system. You can't use anyload to grow your local footprint 
About vendor drill: The DRC subtree from the vendor drill map will get 
removed before the next release and the vendor drill plugin will focus on 
drill diameters. If you use a vendor drill file that also changes drc, 
please contact me so I can help you with the transition to anyload.
Best regards,

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