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From:Bob Paddock <>
Date:Fri, 5 Feb 2021 08:28:25 -0500
Subject:Re: [pcb-rnd] new: major cleanup & upgrade of the vendordrill plugin
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> I know the vendordrill plugin is not much used anymore,
> I think the motivation was that one of the possible use cases is to
> specify a fab's drc settings and drill map in one place.
I can shed a bit of historical light here.
>But the whole
> idea is broken and limited: it doesn't specify the layer stackup, export
> details (cam jobs now), etc.
It was a different era ~20+ years ago when this was done to solve a
specific problem of the day.
I was the one that came up with the vendor mapping concept and Dan implemented.
I think I was the one that added the RegEx code to solve a multiple
vendor problem.
At that time, ~20 years ago, APCircits was the primary provider of low
cost boards.
To use the service they had a very small drill rack that could be used
and a small
set of allowable clearances.  Also the libraries of the day had
nothing in common
as far as drill/whole sizes.
It was, and as JohnG says still is, a PITA to have to completely redo a layout
for small tweaks like drill whole sizes and clearances simply to send the board
to a different vendor.
If a CAM job can support multiple vendors or is easy to tweek multiple CAMs
for different vendors, really anything that doesn't require touching the layout,
could supplant the vendor file concept.

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