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Date:Wed, 3 Feb 2021 11:29:56 +0100 (CET)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] new: io_lihata denoise option
replies: 4742 from Nicklas SB Karlsson <> , 4743 from Bdale Garbee <>
Hi all,
another new option today in io_lihata: when you do a 'save as', using any 
lihata board version, you can now choose to "denoise" the file, which 
means a few volatile states are removed from the save:
- rats nest (you can use {c r} after load to get them back)
- select flags (cyan highlight)
- found flag (green highlight, {c f})
- warn flag (oragne highlight, typically after {c r} for shorts)
The purpose of saving a denoised file is having less noisy diffs when 
using VCS for the board file.
Advanced usage: the setting for this is a normal conf node, called 
plugins/io_lihata/denoise so you can change it persistently in your user 
conf, in your project conf or in your board file's conf tree, even using 
the last tab of the preferences dialog. 
We may later on consider to have denoise enabled by default. I think the 
main use case for saving selected or found flags is to provide 
easy-to-find marks when hand editing or script editing the file.
I believe is this is the special case and the common case is GUI editing 
and storing the file in VCS. In any case, this is only about the default: 
any user can have a different local config and anyone can do a 'save as' 
and explicitly specify whether to denoise or not.
Note: this feature is for lihata boards only, it does not affect any other 
file format.
Best regards,

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