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Date:Wed, 3 Feb 2021 05:54:18 +0100 (CET)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] [lht8] lihata board v8 upgrade
Hi pcb-rnd users,
I'm starting a long planned upgrade of our native file format (lihata 
board), from v7 to v8. I am not yet sure how long this would take, there 
are multiple features to add, but I plan we will have v8 released as 
stable/default file format this year. (v7 will be about a year old by the 
time we can start using v8 in production)
Unlike pervious file format upgrades, this one will take more time, 
because there are some real hard parts, like finally switching over from 
diameter/clearance specified via in routing style to padstack prototype 
specified via.
For now, you can save and load v8 boarsd only if you enable a brave 
option. Any testing is welcome, but pelase DO NOT use v8 in production 
until the brave mode is removed. This is because developmebt of v8 will 
span a longer period and during that time there's no guarantee a v8 saved 
with one version of pcb-rnd will properly load with another version of 
pcb-rnd. Once it stabilizes, I will remove the brave mode protection, then 
we can test it in production for some time then I will make it the 
default/preferred file format version.
I will send feature announcement posts here prefixed with [lht8] about new 
features which requires lihata v8. It's good if you know about these new 
features, even better if you test them and report bugs, but you also need 
to know you can start using them in production only when v8 is stable 
because that's how we can save them in a board file.
Best regards,

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