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From:Mychaela Falconia <>
Date:Sat, 25 Jul 2020 16:26:41 -0800
Subject:[pcb-rnd] Looking to hire someone to do a PCB layout job
Hello denizens of pcb-rnd ML,
I hope this post is not too far OT: I am looking to hire someone to do
a PCB layout job for me.  This layout job can be done in either
geda-pcb or pcb-rnd, whichever is preferred by whoever would be
willing to take on this job, either tool/format would be fine for me.
I already have all of the footprints ready to go, in the old geda-pcb
Here is the board project in need of layout:
It is a rather basic USB to dual UART adapter based on FT2232D chip,
but compared to an off-the-shelf FT2232x or other USB-serial breakout
board, my board needs to have some extra buffers, and it needs to
bring out a very particular set of header interfaces in very particular
pinouts.  The source repository linked above contains a reasonably
detailed design specification including layout instructions, source
code for the "schematic" design in my non-graphical ueda language, and
a starting point for the layout as in a pile of footprints.
Please reply off-list only, and if you are potentially interested in
taking on this layout job, please name your asking price.  If I find
someone who will take on this job for a price I can afford, and if
they do a good job, I have one other board project in the queue right
after this one, and that one will also need someone better than me for
the layout part of the job.
Mychaela Falconia,

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