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Date:Fri, 17 Jul 2020 15:57:53 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] menu patching - part I
Hi all,
I've just finished implementing a long standing cluster of TODO items: the 
more dynamic/flexible menu handling. These menu patching emails are about 
Most of the casual users are not affected. If you never wanted to modify 
the menu system, you didn't write user scripts and didn't work on pcb-rnd 
plugins, it is safe to skip these threads.
part I. - what was wrong with the original system?
1. user aspects
The original system used a single lihata document to describe the menu 
tree. This was loaded from (typically) 
A major problem was that some users wanted to make minor modifications to
this file. But once you patch this file, you need to maintain it as new 
versions of pcb-rnd will change this file as well. 
If you failed to merge upstream modifications into your modified menu 
file, you lost new features and sometimes introduced new bugs in your 
local version by getting your menu running old/obsolete/buggy actions that 
were already fixed in upstream. Or if you kept using the new upstream 
version of the menu file all the time, and forgot to merge your own 
changes, you could easily lose your new features or modified hotkeys.
For this, we needed something that allows the user injecting small files 
that make modifications to the existing upstream menu file runtime, so the 
original/upstream menu file doesn't need to be edited.
2. plugin aspects
There was also a major modularization problem, best demonstrated by the 
vendor drill plugin. In geda/pcb and early pcb-rnd plugins couldn't extend 
the menu system so many plugins ended up not creating menus for their 
features but relying on the central menu file having those menus defined. 
The vendor drill plugin had 3 such submenus spread across 3 different 
This has two major modularity problems:
- the submenus are there even if the plugin is not loaded, they are just 
defunct; this is an implicit dependency of the core (menu file) on plugins
- the plugin has an implicit dependency on the menu file too; this is more 
problematic if someone (against all recommendations) start to write an 
off-tree plugin: that plugin can't have its menus in the central menu 
There was a way to create menus on the fly, from code, but that had its 
own problems (see below). So many plugins, especially the ones inherited 
from geda/pcb didn't bother and just relied on the central menu file to 
have the menus.
For solving this, we needed a way to make it very easy for plugins to 
create menus from data, not code.
3. script aspect and dynamic menu creation
As a pcb-rnd extension we already had actions for creating and removing 
menus from code (or scripts) on the fly. However it did not track order of 
operations or even who created what menus and why. As long as plugins and 
scripts (mostly) created submenus only, this didn't cause any problem. But 
this system couldn't really be used in more tricky situations:
- making modifications to existing submenus (e.g. on script or plugin 
load) and then undoing these modifications (e.g. on script or plugin 
- there are ugly corner cases lurking; for example assume two scripts A 
and B; A creates menu File/foo/bar, B creates File/foo/baz; they are both 
loaded; so a submenu File/foo is created with two further submenus bar and 
baz. Now unload script A, this should remove File/foo/bar. But although 
originally File/foo was also created by A, File/foo should not be removed 
because B uses it too! This could be solved by tricks like reference 
counting or ugly heuristics like "don't delete intermediate levels unless 
they are empty". But what we really need is a more elegant solution.
And the more elegant solution to both of these problems is a predictable, 
undoable way of editing the menu system on the fly. This means random 
parts of the code (plugins, scripts, user actions) should be able to make 
modificatios that later on can be undone without having to undo anything 
else or without confusing the whole system.
Well, fortunately I figured how to do a relatively simple system that 
fixes all these, see my next mail.
Best regards,

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