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Date:Thu, 16 Jul 2020 06:13:57 +0200 (CEST)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] menu patching upgrade - collecting existing practices
Hi all,
I'm finishing a major menu system upgrade in librnd (and thus in pcb-rnd), 
which will allow us to have better control on menus. This affects feature 
plugins, user scripts and end-user menu file modifications. For the first 
two, it as easy to collect existing use cases.
For the third, I need your help, but please read the whole thing and send 
only what I ask for:
- if, and only if, you _already have_ a modified menu file, please send me 
your modification
- please do NOT send me ideas about how you would modify menus, that's out 
of the scope and is not helping at all; I am collecting existing practice 
in this round, so I am interested exclusively in existing menu file tweaks 
our pcb-rnd users maintain and use _already_
- if you have any such local modification please mail me a diff (see below 
how to generate one) and a short comment on why you have the modification
- if you send in your modifications in that format, I will look at it and 
try to make sure the new system offers a better mechanism for the same 
modifications; better as in: much less hassle ("no touch needed at all") 
with later pcb-rnd upgrades, once the diff is rewritten in the new 
- ... and if your diff is not overly large, I will probably rewrite it in 
the new syntax so I can test and make sure it works, then will send back 
the new version that you will be able to use with svn HEAD and/or from 
next version! So as a reward for your diffing effort, you may get the 
translation to the new format for free.
Diff format for the submission:
Since you are using your modified menu file, you do have a valid, full 
menu file you created. Let's call this pcb-menu-my.lht. Plus there is the 
default menu file coming from the pcb-rnd version you used for starting 
your modifications, let's call that pcb-menu-stock.lht. When you got these 
two, please run this:
diff -u pcb-menu-stock.lht pcb-menu-my.lht > menu.diff
(If you already maintain your menu changes in a diff, as the pool node 
suggests, this is all much simpler. If not, please make sure you do the 
diff against a pcb-menu-stock you worked from originally, not against the 
current svn HEAD menu file. Please look at the resulting diff file, line 
by line, and make sure it contains only your deliberate modifications. I 
will not take diffs that contain anything else but your deliverate 
changes (a.k.a. noise)).

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