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Date:Wed, 24 Jun 2020 22:53:57 +0200
Subject:Re: [pcb-rnd] Off topic (maybe) - Spice simulator --
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> On 6/24/20 7:01 PM, gene glick wrote:
>   Can't you take a zener diode model and crank up the breakdown voltage? Alternatively, make a voltage controlled switch that turns on at the needed voltage. I think a voltage dependent current source might also do the job.
> Spark gap devices have a more complex I/V relationship, more like a tyristor than like a zener.
> There is a first firing voltage when the device starts conducting. When this happen the device acts as a voltage limiter (constant voltage, lower than the firing voltage) for a certain region of currents. When current is further increased the device enters the 'arc' region, a second more conductive region with a even lower holding voltage.
Not sure but think it is like this. Then voltage is high enough gas is ionized and the free ions conduct current. Not sure about the mechanism and then current stop flowing, maybe this happen then current become low enough
Nicklas Karlsson

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