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Date:Tue, 6 Nov 2018 07:43:23 +0100 (CET)
Subject:[pcb-rnd] user contribution - experiment - sign up for CUCP!
replies: 2463 from Alain Vigne <>
Hi all,
we have very good experience with the following combinations of 
- dev+own_interest: getting new developers joining and working on random 
parts they like 
- dev+porject_interest: new devs working on some parts that need work 
- user+own_interest: users testing and reporting bugs they find in their 
own production use
However, we have only limited success with the specific combo of 
user+project_interest: "user doable tasks that are not interesting for 
the given user but important for the project".
We have a growing montain of that sort of tasks, ranging from coordinated 
testing to documentation. See also:
- the export auto-test validation project (which didn't see much progress 
since 2016)
The main problem seems to be time and coordination. As an attempt to fix 
these, we are going to experiment with the following construction in our 
new Coordinated User Contribution Project [CUCP]:
- the User allocates a _regular_ time slot, probably 1..2 hours a week, 
that the User makes absolutely clear of any other task; e.g. "every 
wednesday 6pm to 7pm". Girlfriend/boyfreind/wife/kids/friends configured 
to know this time slot is dedicated to pcb-rnd.
- it is okay if occassionally something real important preempts, but that 
shouldn't happen too often - just pick a time slot that you can dedicate
- the User sings up for the CUCP, tells me the time slot choosen
- before each slot, the User gets detailed instructions what needs to be 
done; these don't require any special skills, just some real basic pcb-rnd 
user level know-how and usually the latest svn version of pcb-rnd. Tasks 
come in real small portions, usually doable in 1 hour.
Benefits for the user:
- visible, appreciated contribution to the project
- regular progress, something you can look back at after months or years 
and can see what you have done
- no responsibilities and complications: you don't need to oversee 
or worry about an overall state of the CUCP, don't need to coordinate 
anything, so there's no long-term responsibility involved. It's really 
just lending your brain & fingers for 1..2 hours a week
- fixed time frame: the CUCP undertsands that you offer that specific 
amount of time, and will not push for more; this task won't grow to eat up 
your free time
If you are interested, please contact me. The project needs you.
Best regards,

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