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Potential video tutorial topics

video_tut by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2021-11-08

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The best next topics that could be build very easily on top of the getting started video, in the format of 5..10 minute videos Below is a list of potential topics:

The scope could be "intermediate" users, so no footprint creation, scripting and other advanced topics yet. The format could be 5..10 minutes, which is longer than my 1..3 minute "single feature" videos but shorter than the 36 minutes "getting started" video. I think the 5..10 minutes time frame is enough to cover a feature and its neighborhood in a holistic fashoin, not getting lost in fine details but giving an overview that's a good starter so users can then go and search/ask for those fine details elsewhere.

If we could have such a series, we could reference them in an ordered list from the tutorial page, and it would provide a great few hours, modular watch that gets a "blank" user to intermediate level.

More advanced topics for later: multiple font support.