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Long term plans: pcb-rnd 3.0.0, hidlib and ringdove

ver_3.0 by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2019-07-21

Tags: roadmap, pcb-rnd, 3.0.0, 3.0, hidlib, rndlib, ringdove

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  There is no schedule on this yet: it's just a real long term plan on how dependencies would be resolved within the ringdove suite.

librnd phase 1: booting other apps

For the first period of time, in the pcb-rnd 2.x.x era, the hidlib (and more generally: librnd) will be part of pcb-rnd. When you install pcb-rnd, it will also install the librnd (hidlib included) that then can be used by other ringodve applications. pcb-rnd itself will not depend on the new libs yet. camv-rnd and other users will compile only if librnd is fully installed (by configuring, compiling and installing pcb-rnd).

Librnd (lib ringdove) is a modular set of libraries and include:

librnd phase 2: separating librnd within pcb-rnd

Still pcb-rnd 2.x.x, we will then start separating librnd within pcb-rnd a bit more. pcb-rnd will start to depend on librnd it installs. However, this won't affect other librnd users, there is no change for them compared to phase 1.

librnd phase 3: stand-alone librnd (pcb-rnd 3.0.0)

There will be a long development cycle when we remove librnd from pcb-rnd to move it to a stand-alone project.

This means:

This change will be so huge that the first version number will be bumped to mark the new era, thus pcb-rnd becoming 3.0.0.

The new pcb-rnd depencendy and the ringdove suite

One of the strengths of pcb-rnd is ease of compilation. Part of this is the extreme low dependencies. 3.0.0 starting to depend on librnd will sacrifice some of this advantage. And all our other ringdove suite member projects will depend on this same lib too.

Users running from distribution packages are not affected, but users compiling from source (e.g. from SVN checkouts) are. I plan two things to ease this flow: