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The change to-style actions

tostyle by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2015-08-29

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  TODO: This feature has to be revisited for padstacks!

Footprints bring their own hole sizes, copper ring sizes and clearances. These parameters often depend on the manufacturing process, and such a value coming from a footprint may differ much from the values used on the board already.

pcb-rnd has actions (and menus and hotkeys) to change sizes manually. In my practice, I try to stick to the sizes defined in my routing styles and try to avoid manually changing clearances or ring sizes. Still, the random values coming from various footprints should be changed.

After many years of struggling with this, I realized the feature I need is a way to change object sizes to not a relative or absolute number but to the current routing style . The [tostyle] patch does exactly this. It implements the following new features:

The new route style set works on:


GUI: select a routing style; hover above a line, a via, a pin/pad of an element or the silk of an element; press Shift+Y; undo if necessary.

CLI: select objects, execute action ChangeSizes(selected, style)

CLI: to adjust drill sizes only: select objects, execute action ChangeDrillSize(selected, style)