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Tight clearance on text objects

tight_clearance by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2020-05-06

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Abstract: Traditionally the clearance around a text object was a round rectangle at the bounding box of the text object. Starting from lihata board v7, our data model supports tight_clearance: clearance that traces the true outline of the text.


The old, bounding-box clearance is the default approach for backward compatibility. Thight clearance is done by setting the tight_clearance attribute on a text object to a value that is true. This can be done on a single object by following these steps:

normal vs. tight text clearance example
(source: example.lht )

The same can be done on multiple objects; replace step 1 with "select all text objects to be changed" and step 2 with pressing {e p}.

It is also possible to set up a new routing style that creates new text with the attribute set: