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Tutorial coding projects for students

student by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2018-02-19

Tags: dev, student, tutorial

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Abstract: These projects are suitable for starting on pcb-rnd without first having to learn the whole code base. They are still useful for the project so it's a win-win situation.


1. pcb hosting

Open source, svn based, open hardware hosting service (CGIs for the web).

2. native win32 hid

a. rendering with opengl - the code is already there for gtk2_gl, scconfig can already detect windows opengl

b. drawing area widget, input handling

c. dynamic menu system

d. DAD dialogs

3. the JS based web client

a. switch the JS client from websockets to plain http

b. menus in the JS client [easy, final] Kalman writes the proto parser, the infrastructure and the rendering/editor engine, but we need someone for the menus. Menus are created and maintained by the core and actions are executed by core. The task is to react on "create menu item" and "remove menu item" messages and build and maintain a web menu system.

c. "dialog boxes and windows" in the JS client [medium, final] Same as 1., but for those functionality that are implemented in dialog boxes and windows in pcb-rnd (e.g. library window)

4. android client

3a. android client, proto parser [easy, proto] implement the remote protocol's parser for android Might be easier if we already have the JS client

3b. android client, renderer [hard, proto] implement the code that renders all layers and objects and allows zooming and panning. Depends on 2a.

3b. android client, menu system [easy, proto] implement the menu system in the android client; similar to 1; Depends on 2a.

3c. android client, dialog boxes and windows [medium, proto] implement dialog boxes and windows for the android client, like in 2; Depends on 2a.