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strategy by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2018-01-06

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Abstract: Specify the strategy we use for the project, for coding, documentation, community and communication.


project strategy

pcb-rnd targets the UNIX-minded user, thus the important aspects are:

Not in focus:

code and contribution strategy


documentation strategy


Not supported:

release strategy

Source tarball releases are considered stable. pcb-rnd has scheduled releases and a rather strict timeline to give our testers enough time to test out release candidates from svn HEAD before the release.

Svn HEAD should be always compilable, developers do their best to guarantee this (although accidents happen from time to time). Brave testers may use svn HEAD for production unless otherwise announced on the mailing list.

We don't develop in forks and branches; the development is linear.

Distributions should package the latest source tarball.

communication strategy

Preferred within our community:

Preferred within other communities:

Reuse vs. reinvent

Reuse when it is worth it, don't be affraid to reinvent when that's the better option.

Points to be considered before reuse:

Points to be considered for reinventing: