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Values of the fmt parameter in SaveTo()

save_fmt by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2018-02-25

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On Mon, 5 Feb 2018, Edward Comer wrote:

This begs the question - what are valid parameters for "fmt" in:

pcb-rnd is about being modular and dynamic: file formats are handled by plugins. Each IO plugin registers one or more format handlers. The format handler has a name, basically the thing you see in the format combo box of the 'save as' dialog.

When you want to sav a board, pcb-rnd first builds a list of candidate format handlers:

Plan: later on I want to relax the need for full fmt name match; there would be two rounds of search: if we don't find a full match in the first round, we'd try to find a partial match in the second.

So the short answer to your original question: check what your 'save as' offers, copy one of the names from there.

The long answer is: the available formats depend on the available plugins (how you ./configured pcb-rnd) and in turn it depends on what formats we code. There's no static list we can document, as this might be changing from installation to installation. In theory you can even disable io_lihata and have a pcb-rnd without support for our own native file format.