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On-point: indicate when crosshair is on object points

onpoint by Robert Drehmel on 2015-10-14

Tags: announcement, ui, gui, cursor, end

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Abstract: Objects are highlighted (recolored) when crosshair is 'on point', e.g. on end-point of a line. This makes it easier to draw precisely connected lines.


This feature is disabled by default; it can be enabled using the conf node editor/highlight_on_point.

Robert Drehmel writes:

When (e.g.) routing 5mm power traces on a small grid, it's not always easy to hit the point where the trace ended (which is the center of the semicircle at the end of the line) to start the next line. If you have selected the line tool, finding the end of the line can become guesswork as the cursor doesn't change shape like it does with the select tool.

I want my traces to consist of lines and arcs that are perfectly connected and I want to work as fast as possible.

Attached is a small patch that

I use the second option mostly in conjunction with deactivating the first. Both commands have been added to the menu by means of (g)pcb-menu.res.in and are available as command line options as well.