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Old thermal bits used in the gEDA/pcb format

old_thermal by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2016-10-31

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  There was an integer value of thermal between a pin/via and each layer in the old code for the gEDA/pcb format.

The values are:

0 = NULL,                  /* not connected */
1 = "diagonal-sharp",      /* connected with diagonal thermal with sharp lines */
2 = "horver-sharp",        /* connected with hirozontal-vertical thermal with sharp lines */
3 = "solid",               /* connected without thermal */
4 = "diagonal-round",      /* connected with diagonal thermal with rounded edges */
5 = "horver-round"         /* connected with horizontal-vertical thermal with rounded edges */

io_thermal.pcb demonstrates each case.

The new thermal shape bits for the pcb-rnd data model is documented in src/thermal.h - it is a bitfield defined in enum pcb_thermal_e .