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Plans on hierarchic netlists

net_hier by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2017-05-30

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Abstract: Subcircutions will eventually support a generic tree when subcircuit-in-subcircuit is available. This may lead to support of hierarchic netlists.

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However, the data model rewrite effort is huge, and will take a lot of time to fully finish.

As of 2017

1. the main goal now is to replace special cased footprints with generic ones; which means we won't have subcircuit-in-subcircuit (footprint-in-footprint) in the first iteration. If we manage to do only the footprint model fixup, and somehow fail on every other future aspects, we already made a huge step forward.

2. Whenever we decide to have that recursion, how we handle the netlist is mostly a netlist question, it won't require too much support or change in subcirctuits. I can't imagine bad design decisions about subcircuits now could seriously affect the netlist interfacing later. (The harder part is the layer mapping in such a recursion)

3. there's a popular demand for hierarchical netlists, I suspect that would pretty easily just click in with hierarchical subcircuits.

Thus the question of hierarchical netlists is postponed for now.