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Symbolic milestone: 3/4 rnd, 1/4 legacy

milestone75 by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2018-11-05

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Abstract: Pcb-rnd has reached a symbolic milestone: we are beyond 75% in the code change statistics, which means more than 3/4 of the C source code lines are either new or got a relevant change since the fork.

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I'm proud to announce reaching a symbolic mile stone: code change statistics is at 75.0006% this morning. That means only 1/4 of the code lines look the same as they did at the fork (many lines of license banner, {, } and empty lines included).

It was about a year ago when we reached 66.67%. Now we reach 75%. Back then I announced parting gEDA. A year later, we are building our own ecosystem, coralEDA.

However, behind the dry numbers we have significant features.

Big ones, like padstacks, slots, documentation/misc layers and fungw scripting. And small but significant ones, like cam exporting, the assembly plugin or having more dialog boxes available for the lesstif HID.

For the event of reaching 75%, I don't have anything major to announce. It just happened. Changes accumulated, until a routine bugfix ("gtk command entry blocks program quit") just did it.

Well, maybe there's something small to annouce: I stop doing the code change stats. It has some administrative overhead and it is getting more and more inaccurate (shooting below the real value) as the number is rising. Like a typical progress bar, it increases slower and slower as we get close to 100%. But unlike a typical progress bar, this one will never reach 100%. So there's a point when it doesn't make sense to calculate it any more, and I think 75% is that point.

For more info about how it was calculated, see the pool node on code change statistics .

This how we reached 2/3 about a year ago.