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Symbolic milestone: 2/3 rnd, 1/3 legacy

milestone66 by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2017-12-09

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Abstract: Pcb-rnd has reached a symbolic milestone: we are beyond 66.667% in the code change statistics, which means more then 2/3 of the C source code lines are either new or got a relevant change since the fork.

  Imported from the mailing list archives.

UPDATE: meanwhile we have reached 75% and we stopped calculating this value.

To celebrate the symbolic event, I've implemented an "invoke external editor" action. This makes it possible to click on a subcircuit and get a second pcb-rnd (or a text editor) started up, the object edited, saved, and auto-replaced on the original board with the edited version. Sort of in-place footprint instance edition, without copy to buffer, save buffer, breakup, rebuild, etc. I think this could make a lot of user's life easier - this is my way to say thank you to the pcb-rnd community.

66.667% is just a number, it is not significant in itself. What is important is all the new features and major refactoring/cleanup behind the numbers, which often resulted in fixing decade old bugs or misfeatures. I believe the last 1 year of pcb-rnd was among the top 3 most productive years in project history, including PCB, back to the mid 90's!

Thank you all for joining the effort!

Note: Indentation or moving the code around is considered irrelevant; for more details on how/why this rate is calculated, please see chgtat .