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How to clean up the menu system

menu_reorg by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2017-10-04

Tags: roadmap, menu, rewrite, reorganization, reorg, multikey

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Abstract: Menu rewrite/reorganization poll results.

  What the poll at http://igor2.repo.hu/cgi-bin/menu-poll.cgi suggested (at the moment of closing it in 2017 October): [multikey2] The default menu file should offer two sets of hotkeys:

This would allow the transition to multi-key (pretty much unaviodable if we want to add new functions with hotkeys) and still keep single-key items. (Multiple hotkeys for the same menu item should work.)

However, we wouldn't be able to keep single key alpha hotkeys, such as 'o' and 'f' - they will have a multi-key variant and probably a single-key-with-modifier variant (and in return some other single-key-with-modifier of our less often used hotkeys will lose their single-key-with-modifier to make room for these)

The new menu file is ready and we have switched over to it