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Risks associated with the menu file switch

menu3 by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2018-04-01

Tags: insight, default, menu, switch, multi, stroke, key, bindings

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Abstract: Any big change in the software is a risk - user may like or may hate the change. There are some changes that are inevitable, because the old setup blocks progression. We have reached that point with the default menu file. The switch is big, this is risky. This node describes why I think our target audience will not get mad.

  Read more about the new default menu file , that is probably the biggest UI change we had in pcb-rnd so far.

1. Dislike it as a user?

If you don't like it as a user, you have the option to use a custom menu file (e.g. the old menu file). But this will make your life harder on the long run:

2. Whether our existing users will be unhappy with the switch

3. How new users will learn it

4. How geda/pcb users will switch

I think who haven't switched from geda/pcb so far will not ever switch. We'll have the 5th anniversary of pcb-rnd this year. If 5 years was not enough, 10 or 20 won't be either. I think they most probably won't switch unless geda/pcb dies and they are forced to switch because of bit rot a few years after that