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How to clean up the mark

mark_cleanup by Tibor 'Igor2' Palinkas on 2017-10-04

Tags: roadmap, mark, cleanup, rewrite

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Abstract: After a discussion on the mailing list, our current plan about mark handling.


This has been implemented meanwhile , for details please check out the mark_cleanup2 node.

Here's my proposal for the cleanup/bugfixes:

This means if you want to use the mark for your line length/orientation, you would need to manually place it when starting to draw the line.

examples on how the current implementation is broken

The whole marker thing is a bug in itself.... Nobody understands what it is intended for and the code uses it random ways - probably developers never understood it either so each part of the code does something randomly.

If anyone is using the mark, please let me know your use patterns. We should probably clean this up a bit, as in the current state it looks like if it did random wierd things.

My experience of the bugs:

The mark is sometimes placed as part of a random operation, for no appearant reason. Some operations remove the mark at the end, some cancels/undos also remove the mark. Others don't, and many operations don't place the mark. When an operation is messing with the mark, the user set mark is moved, so the user loses the original mark position. This has thaught users not to try to use the mark as it randomly jumped away.

Examples of inconsistencies:

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