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hyp2mat path to OpenEMS simulation

hyp2mat by Evan Foss on 2017-12-25

Tags: howto, video, fem, openems, sim, simulation, hf, microwave

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Abstract: Video tutorial on simulating a micorwave filter using pcb-rnd, hyp2mat and openEMS.

  This video shows using Koen De Vleeschauwer's plugin that exports hyperlynx format and the companion plugin he wrote to import that format in OpenEMS.

The following is the text of the outline shown in the video.

0. Draft the design you want (as a test case I converted Koen's filter into pcb-rnd format)

1. Export in hyp format

2. Edit the hyp file so that...

2a) The layer stackup is correct (which it is for this case)

2b) The layers have the correct dielectric absorbtion

2c) The layers have the correct thicknesses

3. Code at least one openems analysis including the meshing parameters (in this case I am just recycling Koen's example)

4. Run the code

4a) View the 3D structure in CSXCAD

4b) Wait a while as the simulation runs

5. Check the results (in this case I am checking against the same simulation created by Koen in Eagle CAD)